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When you contact us, you'll reach dedicated and experienced professionals that want to help you with your accident claims. You can trust our knowledgeable staff with car, truck, motorcycle, bus, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents.


With over 31 years of experience, you can trust us to keep you informed about your case and recommend your best options depending on your personal circumstances. You probably have a lot of questions. Take a look below to see if we've already answered a question you have. If you don't find an answer to your question, give us a call and schedule your free initial consultation.

To answer your questions, I will need some information about your claim. I will be glad to tell you what information I need. If you have this information or can obtain it, I will then be able to discuss your claim with you and give you my personal opinion as to the value. Some of the information I will need to evaluate and value your claim is as follows:


• How the accident occurred

• The amount of pain and physical limitations you have experienced

• The dates and the type of treatment you have received for your injuries

• The total amount of your medical bills

• Whether you have suffered a permanent injury


My opinion as to the value of your claim will be based on my trial and negotiation experience. I have negotiated, managed or litigated more than 5,000 cases and I have tried before a jury a very large number of cases. My opinion will not be based on a mathematical formula such as multiplying the total dollar amount of the medical bills by a certain number. The medical bills are only one of many factors that determine the value of a claim.


Do I need a lawyer?

Yes, based on my experience, a person who has suffered a personal injury does need an attorney to obtain fair, just and honest compensation for injuries suffered as a result of an accident.


There are two main reasons:


1) It is essential to know the money value of a claim and an experienced personal injury attorney will know.


2) Insurance companies know that if they do not pay clients fair and reasonable compensation, an experienced personal injury attorney will go to trial.


I have represented more than 5,000 people in personal injury claims and have had a very large number of jury trials. I have the necessary experience.


What do you offer as an accident attorney that others do not offer?

I am the only attorney in Clark County who, for 28 years, has limited my practice exclusively to the representation of people who have suffered injuries as the result of another person's negligence. This experience consists of valuing the claim, negotiating and trying cases before a jury. Communication is essential and I am personally available to talk to you and keep you informed about your case and what you can expect to occur while I am working on your personal injury claim. You know, better than anyone, the pain and disability that you have experienced and I will talk to you about your claim and will always respect your opinions and questions.


I want to handle my injury claim myself. Will you talk to me and evaluate my claim?

Yes, I will gladly talk to you about your claim and the consultation will be free. Call me and I will give you general information and I will evaluate your claim for you. You can then decide if you do or do not want to have a personal injury attorney represent you. You are also welcome to come to my office and consult with me and ask questions. The office consultation is also free.


I don't live near Vancouver, Washington. Can you help me with an accident claim?

I am licensed to practice law in both Washington and Oregon. I serve people throughout Washington and Oregon and am available to meet you at a convenient location in the area where you live.

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