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Through the words of our clients, you'll see how our legal team has succeeded in providing professional, efficient, and knowledgeable representation in each case we handle.

I hired Art Miller to represent me after I was injured. As soon as Art took my case, I didn't worry about anything. He took care of absolutely everything. He was always willing to do whatever he could to get a positive outcome for my case. I have already referred someone to Art Miller and would refer someone to him again.

- Tom Re


I found Mr. Miller to be both caring in his concern for his clients and capable in getting for them what they deserve. He was tenacious in dealing with the insurance representatives, claims adjuster, the nursing home attorney and Medicare and always available for any questions that needed answering. He accommodated my schedule anytime my presence was required, rather than insisting I meet his. Should I ever need his services, I would not hesitate to call or refer another to him for legal advice.

- Michele Druschel


I was 100 percent satisfied with Art Miller and his office. Everyone there was very friendly. They did everything for me. I was very happy with the results.

- Gina Jackson


Arthur Miller was very on top of it. When I asked something from him, he delivered right away. He is very efficient with his work. He definitely helps you get what you ask for — nothing less.

- Bryan Miller Jr.


I am more than happy to write concerning my experience with Mr. Art Miller. Thankfully I have met an "honest" and hardworking lawyer. Mr. Miller is extremely bright, works hard, is easy to talk to, makes it easy to understand "lawyer talk," he listens to you, he's compassionate and he makes you feel like you're in good hands.


Mr. Miller and his staff worked on my case as hard as you can expect. They are all polite, always stayed in touch with me and told me the truth. I thank them for their hard work.


Mr. Miller will always be my first choice if I ever need a lawyer again.

-Larry Anthony


Art was recommended to me by my chiropractor, which was a blessing because I didn't know anyone who dealt with personal injuries, and I could not have handled this myself. He is very good at his job and did a great job on my case. I was very pleased with the outcome. The communication was very good.

- Sherry Ward


The experience that I have had with Mr. Miller and his assistant has been exceptional. His assistant is a wonderful, understanding person. She answers calls quickly and appropriately. She is right there to answer my questions. Mr. Miller is also very kind and understanding. He is upfront with you. He thoroughly discusses all the issues, both pro and con. He talks you through the situation and tells it like it is. In fact, everyone in the office was wonderful to work with. If you need a top-notch lawyer, I highly recommend Art Miller. He not only is your lawyer, but he becomes your friend.

- Gloria Rodli


It was really nice working with Arthur Miller and his staff. They made it easy and simple for me to settle my case. Mr. Miller was very good about explaining things to me in a way I could understand.

- Michael Hopkins


After my accident in 2007, I needed the help of a lawyer. I found Art Miller. I knew once I met him that he had a lot of knowledge and expertise.


He and his team have not only explained everything in detail to me, but they helped me with one of the worst experiences of my life. This team really made me feel like they cared about me personally. I became very fond of his team and would recommend them to anyone.

- Niccole Fuller


I was referred to Mr. Arthur Miller. I needed an attorney for a rear-end auto accident. Mr. Miller and his claims manager, Fran, were behind me 100 percent. They fought for me and won a larger settlement than I expected. I cannot thank Mr. Miller enough for what he did! I would recommend Arthur's services to anyone because he not only truly cares, but he knows what he's doing.


Thank you Arthur and Fran for a job well done!

- Jodee Meyer

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Al and I would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to you and your staff at the law offices of Arthur D. Miller. My accident was a complicated case and we could not have navigated our way through it without your help. We appreciate your knowledge and expertise, as well as the time and dedication you expended on our behalf.


What we are most thankful for, though, is that while you worked for our best interest, you also respected our wishes and handled our case the way we wanted. We have no regrets about the way the case was managed. You made a difficult situation easier for us, so I was able to concentrate on getting well. (Peace of mind is a great healer.) For that, we again thank you.


We will always be grateful to you and your staff for your assistance, advice and encouragement. In the future, should we ever have need of your services again or know of someone else who does, we will be recommending your law firm.

- Connie & Al Sandblast


In May 2010, I was rear-ended in an accident. About two days after my accident, the rep from the other party's insurance company came to my house. He offered me $1,500 for a settlement. I said no. He left and I immediately dialed the number I got from my friend for Art Miller Law Office. I went in for a meeting and right then I knew Mr. Miller could help me. After the meeting, they got right to work.


Mr. Miller and his staff were more than helpful and patient with me with phone calls and questions I had for them. I always felt they listened to me and what I had to say was important.


If I'm ever put in a position that I need to seek an attorney for an accident, I will be returning to Mr. Miller's firm. I have also recommended him to my friends and family.

- Kimberly Leevers